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Fragment pitch envelopes!

Preliminary in-development feature…

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HourGlass 0.9.1 release

Changes : -Fragment script text and enabled state saved/loaded to/from .hourglass files -Fragment scripts can use variable “envelope” to switch the envelope shape of the scripted fragment -Main parameters A-buttons change color to green if automation envelope playback is enabled … Continue reading

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Why just crossfades as audio “transitions”?

This isn’t about HourGlass (at least at the moment), but just a general observation/proposal. Though actually the multiple sound sources weights morph ability in HourGlass is somewhat related to this. I can’t think of a DAW or audio editor that … Continue reading

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HourGlass 0.9.0 released

Ok, finally it gets out. Don’t expect it to work perfectly, the goal is to improve things during further 0.9.x releases. Changes : -Main fragment engine parameters GUI overhaul. The A-button (which stands for automation/additional options, I guess) shows a … Continue reading

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Shaping up to 0.9.0 release

I was almost ready to end doing any additional feature work and just review and test what I’ve been doing lately and then do the public release, but then it started nagging me that the mixer didn’t have metering. This … Continue reading

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HourGlass 0.9.0 sneak peek

0.9.0 will feature a redesign (which will evolve a bit from the one seen in the Youtube video) of the main fragment engine parameters GUI (the old parameters might still be available if someone objects to removing the slider list … Continue reading

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Insomnia and threads

I could not sleep because it kept coming to my mind there should be an option in HourGlass to do rendering of the realtime audio output buffered in a thread… This allows to get more stable playback when there are … Continue reading

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