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What is λ? Is HourGlass dead?

edit 23rd December 2016 :  λ is not yet available for download, and no date yet…(It is still in a development stage where I’d have to release new binaries every day in order to deliver bug fixes and I have … Continue reading

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Finally some progress with HourGlass

This month I’ve worked a bit on HourGlass 1.5. So there is still hope a public release will eventually happen. The multichannel/surround stuff sure has been a big mess to implement, with bugs and CPU performance problems popping up at … Continue reading

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Time runs on and on…

Still no news on the HourGlass 1.5 release. 😦 Been occupied with all kinds of more or less relevant stuff lately. However the release is still in the plans. (Well, I’ve been writing that for the past 6 months so … Continue reading

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Editing surround panning paths graphically , vol 1

I again did some testing with how to allow entering panning paths graphically…Curves can be added to the path and the path then “scanned” with the usual HourGlass envelope. (Click the image to get a larger animation.) While this is … Continue reading

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Quick update

I am only now again looking into the HourGlass 1.5.x code. If things go well, an initial beta release will happen during this month. For Windows I will probably need to require the users to install the C++ runtimes separately. … Continue reading

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Pseudo multichannel effects

Some progress (click image for bigger animation) : –

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