Fragment pitch envelopes!

Preliminary in-development feature…

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10 Responses to Fragment pitch envelopes!

  1. some65 says:

    Hi, Great software nice for soundesign …

    P.S How wounder how to delete a vstfx in the mixer

  2. some65 says:

    THX …

    In my version 0.9.1 I didn´t have this nice Knobs in the *main parameter* window jut the same look like the plain GUI

    • xenakios says:

      Hmm, I don’t think that can be possible, as the code that shows up the old sliders GUI has been removed in 0.9.0…

    • xenakios says:

      Anyway, if you can confirm the Help->About shows the version as 0.9.0 or 0.9.1 and you are still seeing the old main parameters GUI with sliders, let me know, that certainly would be an “interesting” bug…

      • some65 says:

        I don´t know whether I explained it right is it possible to make attachments?

        I don´t think so here are a link with a picture of this “Bug”

        BTW: I never use a version before 0.9.1

  3. xenakios says:

    @some65. Ok, so you mean the knobs look quite ugly and you are running on Windows XP, I think. I forgot (I should have known it though) this would be a problem on Windows XP, I have to look into a possible solution. I will probably need to make my own code to draw the knob…

    Thanks for the “bug” report! I should have remembered to test on Windows XP before releasing the 0.9.0 and higher versions.

    • some65 says:


      THX for the fast response …

      Sorry … I run Win7 64Bit

      • xenakios says:

        Ok, but I think you are running with the Aero theme off, so HourGlass turns to using the Windows XP kind of style, which for some reason makes the knobs look bad. I don’t know of any quick solution to this, but I think I might just as well make my code draw the knobs directly, so the operating system theme won’t be able to affect the look. It might take some time before I get to doing that, perhaps later this week…

  4. some65 says:

    Right Aero theme is off …
    A solution would be nice but at the moment not really necessary

    I Love this little Instrument even if it is ugly 😉

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