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How’s HourGlass? Do I now drink JUCE? Qt no longer so cute?

I haven’t worked on HourGlass at all for a few months. Now that I’ve gotten more familiar with JUCE, it seems there could be a possibility I might rewrite HourGlass in some form using JUCE. That would have the benefit … Continue reading

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Oh noes, there could be a null pointer!

It’s been some time since I wrote anything about C++ programming, so here’s something. Sorry for users of HourGlass and other softwares of mine if this isn’t of much interest. 😉 (I will probably start a separate blog specifically about … Continue reading

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CDP frontend Reaper extension plugin

edit 26th March 2016 : Changed download links to Google Drive since sucks. No changes compared to pre 8 in the publicly available binaries. (The source code has had some changes done but that stuff is too unfinished for … Continue reading

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