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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Hello Xenakios!

    I was wondering if it is possible to use a Vs-2480 as a control surface for REAPER (x64) with win7. I have used the my Vs-2480 in xp with your wonderful patch however I have upgraded to Win7 64 and I miss having “Real” faders.
    Any advise would be most welcome. Thank You in Advance!!

    • xenakios says:

      Sorry, no idea about that…I did do some work on a control surface plugin for VS but it wasn’t anything that got finished and published by me. You would need a x64 build of the plugin for use with Reaper x64.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you Xenakios for your reply.
    How dificult would it be to modify the existing plug to make it a x64 build? would you do it as a paid service? I realy love my vs as a control surface. Thanks again for the responce!

    • xenakios says:

      Building for x64 shouldn’t be very problematic, but I don’t have the source code that “yhertogh” produced in the end. I only did the initial work for the VS csurf plugin but I wasn’t able to finish it properly, so it was yhertogh who did the final work. I am not sure if yhertogh open sourced the plugin in the end…?

  3. ahs says:


    after starting hourgladd, norton says that is a virus and delete the .exe file !?!?!


    • xenakios says:

      Norton is notorious for triggering it’s virus warnings for no reason. There was recently this at the Cockos Reaper forum : http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=100569

      If more reports about this same behavior appear, I will try to take a look if there’s some Windows API call or so that might be considered “suspicious”. Various versions of HourGlass have been downloaded hundreds of times and this is the first time anyone has reported an antivirus program complaining about it.

  4. Nandy says:

    Hi – I have just been playing with HourGlass, and it is fantastic… I have been getting all kinds of King Crimson style soundscapes out of it, I am really impressed – Thank you so much for making this!

    When I try to enter a number in any of the numeric value entry boxes though, it hangs for a few seconds, and then Norton deletes the .exe saying it has detected a supspicious keystroke capture event with PID:1540. Does this mean anything to you? Could you please have a quick look if you get a moment?

    Thanks again for the great program.


    • xenakios says:

      Sorry, no idea. I am not globally hooking into the operating system to capture keyboard presses. (Apart from what is obviously necessary for HourGlass to handle keystrokes…) Virustotal’s scan doesn’t detect anything suspicious in the latest .zip file. (I don’t know how reliable Virustotal is though, but I would make a bet it’s way more reliable than Norton.) Like I mentioned in the reply to the commenter above, Norton is well known for triggering alerts for no good reason. I can’t offer any other advice but to get rid of Norton and install Microsoft Security Essentials or antimalware/antivirus app…

      • Nandy says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I right clicked on the .exe and found an option to tell Norton to trust the file, and now it is working perfectly. Thanks again.

  5. vespadj says:

    Hi! I have a request for “HourGlassPluginScanner.exe”. I’m looking for something like this from years!
    I’m a beginner developer, but I don’t know C/C++, just only simple language like lua and js.
    I’m writing “VST_Browser” a simple program for indexing and browsing my VSTs, using a local web server (lua, html and,js).
    I tried with success:
    > HourGlassPluginScanner.exe “d:\vst\vstname.dll”
    and exported info appears in : %appdata%\Xenakios\HourGlassPluginScanner.ini

    Could you change the exe for let it work as portable?
    e.g.: if FileExists(“.\\HourGlassPluginScanner.ini”) then use it, else use “%appdata%\Xenakios\HourGlassPluginScanner.ini”
    a screenshot of my program “VST_Browser”: http://rawmaterialsoftware.com/download/file.php?id=543
    Bye 🙂 & Thanks. vespadj

    • xenakios says:

      I could do that (or something else suitable) but you should note the scanner program depends on the Qt Core and Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries. (QtCore4.dll, msvcp100.dll, msvcr100.dll).

      • vespadj says:

        After a thinking about it , I can use the program just the way it is now, and I can pick file from %appdata%\Xenakios\ . Are you interesting in my project? Do you like I keep you informated when I realise it? Thanks

  6. xenakios says:

    @vespadj : By the way, you probably shouldn’t rely on my scanner .exe too much for something you publicly distribute. There’s no guarantee it will work for you (and more so for your users) correctly. The program is so simple I could probably open source it so you could fix it as needed (no “secret magics” or tons of work put into it), but as mentioned above, it depends on the Qt framework. If you would want to get rid of that dependency, you would need to rewrite some of the code.

    • vespadj says:

      @xenakios: I change way and I already develop my own “vstinfo.exe” using VST.NET framework (http://vstnet.codeplex.com/), writting in c#, it was been easy, because I reuse functions of a sample code.
      I export info by Console.WriteLine, so I handle the file on RAM instead of on disk.
      I tried to include the ability to timeout in 10 seconds (like HourGlass), but after 5 hours of browsing of solution for C#, I left it 😦
      VST.NET Framework also need of it own dll files (just 238kb !) , it’s not a matter.

      Thanks for your attention 🙂

  7. panos says:


    how can one render the audio in 48 kHz ad 24 bit please???
    thank you

  8. adamstrange says:

    Hi Xenakios.

    I totally love effect plugins and once in a while I will build one with Reaktor.
    I use ACID a lot [ok that just doesn’t sound right] but I also use hardware.

    I own a Yamaha A5000 and one of the unique features is that it has a function called RANDOM FILTER which will randomize the Cutoff and Resonance and it also has RANDOM PITCH as well as RANDOM PAN.

    I was wondering if in an update you could include these functions or just build a standalone or Vst plugin that can do this and sync to the tempo.

    Thank You

  9. joaquin says:

    can this be somehow used as a vst in reaper ?

  10. blackheartindustries says:

    Xenakios, Thank you for Hourglass. I’m having a ball. I’m still trying to figure it out but I’ll only pester you with one question today. I saw in one of the videos that the main parameters window had sliders instead of knobs. Is there a setting to change the knobs to sliders?

    • xenakios says:

      That was an old version of HourGlass. Currently there’s no way to get the old slider based GUI back. Hopefully in future versions there can be both sliders and knobs.

  11. na says:

    hi, such a fabulous software. a million thanks! was wondering if you could give any hints as to how to connect a midi controller and assign controls. this is one aspect that i can’t seem to figure out.

    • xenakios says:

      In the main menu there is View->Remote controls manager which is for enabling and assigning MIDI and OSC remote controls. Once you’ve enabled a MIDI device in that window you can also make HourGlass learn MIDI controls from the A button (next to the main parameter knobs) menus via the Learn action. The reason HourGlass doesn’t by default enable any MIDI device is that it would need to guess which device to enable and that guess could just as well go wrong if there are multiple devices. Currently multiple MIDI devices simultaneously are not supported anyway.

  12. Zeta says:

    Hey Xenakios, great tool, I’m having lots of fun with it!
    I’d like to squeeze the most out of it but I don’t see any manual for it? Did you make one?

  13. Danny W says:

    Hello Xenakios,
    I have just played around with Hourglass for the first time and I must say that it’s amazing, you are a genius. I know you are working on a beta at the moment of a new version, but I just want to ask a question and also request a couple of features.
    I’m using 4.5 on OSX, I can’t find the Trim Audio feature or FX Racks. Are those features not in the Mac version yet?
    Also would it be possible to add an LFO to each parameter? I think this would be a great feature.
    To be able to add different LFO shapes, amount and LFO delay to every parameter would really open this application up and also minimise the amount of editing.
    I really love the modulation on GRM Tools, they have a thing called Agitation, which is really powerful for sound design. Also Speakerphone allows you to modulate every parameter with LFO’s.
    Could these features be something you would think about for newer versions?
    Also when might the new version be available?
    Anyway loving your work, keep it up.


    • xenakios says:

      The 1.4.5 version should be the same on OS-X and Windows. But maybe there’s some difference between the latest public versions. I’d need to check the version histories. The audio trimmer has went through some unfortunate problems and will likely not be available anyway in the next version. (I made the bad choice with that to remove the older much simpler feature and replace it with the much more complicated current one which isn’t really working properly yet. I could look into reinstating the old way it worked.) The FX Rack feature should be available the same as the other FX processing. (From the mixer insert slots. It actually is named “DSP Module Rack”.)

      Adding parameter LFOs has been in the plans for a long time but will probably not make it in during the 1.x versions. The parameter handling would really need to be rewritten completely, so it’s a better target for HourGlass 2.x.

      The next version will be 1.5.0 and I am not sure when it might get released, maybe next month…It will mostly contain changes related to making HourGlass work with surround/multichannel sound.

  14. Le D. says:

    Hey Xenakios! Just found out about Hourglass.. Seems amazing, But can’t find a working version for OS X 10.6.8.. Could you guide me toward a working link, please? Thank you very much! Dominique

  15. tc says:

    Hey Xenakios! Thanks for making this awesome software. It’s one of my favorite tools. I used it to make this a few years ago and it’s still one of my favorite experiments: https://soundcloud.com/twistedparable/all-my_8-7-12 .

  16. Hello Xenakios!

    Would you mind moving the Reaper extention to Google Drive as well?
    Can’t seem to D/L it either at home or at work with Chrome and FF. I’d really LOVE to try it!
    If you are hitting some kind of upload max or whatever I’d be happy to host it on my server.
    Also really looking forward to trying out Hourglass!


    • xenakios says:

      You know that Reaper these days can do some of the same stuff itself? The items have rate warp markers that can transition from one play speed to another continuously. Granted, they are not completely easy and intuitive to use for envelope style “speed bending” but maybe something you might want to look into…

      I can try searching my files if I still have the same binary builds that were uploaded to ge.tt. (Still no macOS version either…)

      • Thanks a lot for your fast reply!
        No I did not know. Gotta look into that although it would be absolutely awesome if you still had your extention. If it’s more straight forward then I’d really rather be using that. I’m used to doing a ton of crazy bending in Sound Forge. But I rather be doing it in Reaper where I mix, so I can drop SF altogether. I’m on PC so no worries regarding Mac version. Have a nice day 🙂

    • xenakios says:

      I’ve now made the 64 bit dll from 2014 available from Google Drive. The 32 bit dll build seems to be missing from my immediately available files… I’ve now rebuilt both the 32 and 64 bit dlls and uploaded them to Google Drive. Look in the “Other downloads” section.

  17. AWESOME! Thank you SO much. I’ve also checked out the item pitch function in Reaper. While it’s easy enough to use, it’s not quite behaving as I hoped. Really looking forward try out the extension.

  18. Florian Mrugalla says:

    hey man. paulXstretch is a really powerful tool for creating ambient spaces. unfortunately it seems like it keeps cubase 9 from exporting sometimes. i have to force close the programm when this bug occurs

    • xenakios says:

      Hello. I can’t unfortunately test with Cubase myself, so I can only guess what the problem is. Maybe I can attempt finding some option to add to deal with that at some point. In the mean time you may need to resort to things like recording the live output from the plugin and bypassing it before offline exporting. (I don’t remember if Cubase has an option to record tracks with the plugins, though…)

  19. Friendly greetings Xenakios!

    I thought I sent an earlier comment, but I don’t see it now… thanks for continuing to improve PaulStretch — and now a plugin version, which I saw listed at KVR!

    For the standalone version, do you have a way to set the default export dialog to automatically include the name of the original imported sample, with a different suffix? Maybe others have this issue too: right now, I always have to keep retyping the output file name. It’s a workflow process that would make exporting multiple files easier.

    • xenakios says:

      Sadly there’s no automated option to generate the export file name from the source file. There’s a small chance I might do some update to the stand alone app version at some point, but the development definitely is happening on the plugin now. (Which I may also later release as a new standalone app. Confusing, I know, but please bear with me… 😉 )

  20. Vvvv says:

    Hi, How can i manage vst plugins ? its starts rescan every plug once i click on mixer channel

    • xenakios says:

      In the Preferences there is the VST page to deal with the plugins. The VST plugin hosting in HourGlass was never extensively stress tested with lots of plugins and with complicated heavy plugins. It may be the plugin scanning fails so badly it doesn’t manage to write the plugin scan results file properly and that’s why it keeps trying to rescan. Since I am no longer developing HourGlass, I can only suggest you make a separate plugins folder to use with HourGlass where you copy only “simple” plugins that don’t take a long time to scan.

  21. Rigby Allen says:

    Hi – like to try the Paul Stretch plugin but the download doesn’t seem to do anything?

  22. Ilya says:

    Thank you so much for updating PaulXStretch plugin! You rock!

  23. Roman Kendall says:

    Thanks for continuing work with the PaulXStretch plug-in; is there any chance you can port to AAX for use in Protools? If not, I have workaround, but native in Protools would be INCREDIBLE. Thank you again!

  24. george says:

    Hello Xenakios, first of all I am reallly loving the work you have done with paul stretch. With the the standalone version I am have some issues with it not fully rendering sometimes. I thought I would report this. Running preview 12 on windows 8. The render bar simply zooms to completion and gives me a very tiny wav file with almost no information. Anyway, the gui is much improved on this. Also the VST is great. Good work!

    • xenakios says:

      Unfortunately I had great problems making the offline render work correctly with regards to the render length. Determining when the render should end is not entirely trivial. (Just calculating it with the original file length multiplied by the stretch factor does not necessarily work always.) But I might have in the end made that code too complicated…It tries determining the end by detecting quiet signal from the stretcher output. So if you have a sound that is quiet in the beginning and use a large stretch factor, it might terminate the render prematurely.

      I am probably not going to look into fixing that for the old standalone app but I will either make it work more simply or offer some options when I release the standalone version of the current plugin.

  25. castro-lima says:

    Hello! It seems like the CDP frontend for reaper page is missing! (I tried the link I found on reaper’s blog). Did you remove it?


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