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No, HourGlass is not dead

It looks like I just can’t give up working on HourGlass. 🙂  I was able to pick most of the sound processing parts from the stand alone application and make them work as a JUCE based plugin. The plugin is … Continue reading

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Bye bye, HourGlass?

edit : 20th April 2019. I was able to get the VST2 development license in the end. So this blog post isn’t that relevant anymore. I had to write at least one blog post for 2018… And surprise, surprise, it’s … Continue reading

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Just a quick update for 2017

OK, so things have been rather quiet here in the blog. No news about λ and so on. I have been working on lots of different things, none of which have gotten to a state I would have liked to release to … Continue reading

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What is λ? Is HourGlass dead?

edit 23rd December 2016 :  λ is not yet available for download, and no date yet…(It is still in a development stage where I’d have to release new binaries every day in order to deliver bug fixes and I have … Continue reading

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Finally some progress with HourGlass

This month I’ve worked a bit on HourGlass 1.5. So there is still hope a public release will eventually happen. The multichannel/surround stuff sure has been a big mess to implement, with bugs and CPU performance problems popping up at … Continue reading

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Time runs on and on…

Still no news on the HourGlass 1.5 release. 😦 Been occupied with all kinds of more or less relevant stuff lately. However the release is still in the plans. (Well, I’ve been writing that for the past 6 months so … Continue reading

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