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Is a new graphics based synthesis app really needed?

After all, there’s already at least the following  : -Metasynth -Atmogen -Iannix -Coagula -Audiopaint -High-C -Photosounder (thanks ScottAC for reminding me about that 😉 ) Well. I’ve tried them all and find them all disappointing/unsuitable for various reasons. So much … Continue reading

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New proof of concept

To keep myself interested, I had to think of something a bit different to do besides HourGlass. Some of you may already guess what kind of thing it is. (You guessed wrong if you think it’s simply about drawing pictures.)

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Questions, no answers

What is HourGlass anyway? Is it an instrument? An effect? An audio editor? Why isn’t it a plugin? Why is there no Mac OS-X version? If it was a plugin and there was a n OS-X build, would people pay … Continue reading

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Uh…Uh…No, I can’t be serious, can I?

Herein lies insanities… Too bad it looks like the Bootsie EpicVerb plug featured in the screencap is not playing nice… Anyway, this is pretty much what I expected VST plugins hosting to be. That is, not so easy and clean. … Continue reading

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Obligatory news post

Yes, there’s been development during the past weeks. -Worked on the mixer (that so far hasn’t been a public feature), fx, sends stuff…(click image for animation) -Worked on the fragment rate parameter so that it would support musical note values … Continue reading

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