Shaping up to 0.9.0 release

I was almost ready to end doing any additional feature work and just review and test what I’ve been doing lately and then do the public release, but then it started nagging me that the mixer didn’t have metering. This isn’t a very major new thing though, so the 0.9.0 release will happen quite soon…


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2 Responses to Shaping up to 0.9.0 release

  1. Scott says:

    Look great! Have not had much time recently, to work with HG. I did notice that the “Set Default Point shape to” menu is not popping up.
    Also, I could not find where to load VSTs. Did I miss it?

    I do have some new audio I’ve created about a week ago. I’ll post at kvr this week some time.
    Thanks for all the hard work 🙂


    • xenakios says:

      There’s unfortunately a bug in the latest public build with the default point shape function, so the menu actions don’t show up. That will be fixed in 0.9.0.

      VST plugins are enabled in the preferences VST page by adding VST plugin folders. I would recommend creating a separate folder of not too complicated plugins and copy the plugins there for use with HourGlass. I really can’t guarantee plugins will even scan succesfully if they are complicated in their behavor (like if they spawn up multiple threads that initialize the plugin asynchoronously) or use heavy handed copy protections etc…

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