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A writing on copy-on-write

Like they say at Reddit – tl;dr : HourGlass will get a better undo/version history. The undo system for the envelopes in HourGlass has worked in a pretty odd way. All the envelopes (by default over 1000 envelopes) were stored … Continue reading

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HourGlass 2.0 development started

I am not sure when there will be a first alpha/beta release, as there really aren’t any major exciting new additions done yet. The first thing I am looking into is cleaning up and optimizing the undo history with a … Continue reading

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HourGlass 1.4.5 released

Changes : Preliminary feature to allow envelopes to play at different rates, as a multiplier of the texture length. (ie, if the texture length is 8 seconds, setting an envelope rate of 8 will make that envelope play 8 times … Continue reading

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