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New envelope editor stuff in action

Youtube video of the new multiple envelope editors stuff…It’s not quite ready for public use yet, but hopefully during this week… Advertisements

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Multiple envelope editors…

I’ve had some problems in allowing several envelope editors to be displayed and used, due to some unfortunate decisions made in the code previously. But I now started looking into it a bit more and got something working in a … Continue reading

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Progress has been a bit slow…

I try to make a new HourGlass release sometime this week…

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HourGlass 0.9.4 release

It took too long for this one, but let’s try it. Hopefully things are not messed up. If immediate problems arise, 0.9.5 will happen in a quicker schedule. Changes (incomplete list) : -Sound sources can have source position parameters/envelopes independent … Continue reading

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Why HourGlass doesn’t stream from disk?

Some people have expressed it’s limiting HourGlass can’t stream the source sounds from disk instead of loading them fully into RAM. Let’s look at the cons (ie, bad things) of disk streaming : -It would add quite a lot of … Continue reading

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