HourGlass 0.9.1 release

Changes :

-Fragment script text and enabled state saved/loaded to/from .hourglass files

-Fragment scripts can use variable “envelope” to switch the envelope shape of the scripted fragment

-Main parameters A-buttons change color to green if automation envelope playback is enabled for that parameter

-To save pixels on smaller screens, the Main parameters A-button menu now has options to set fragment script parameters visible/hidden (the Meta a/b parameters), as well as as show/hide the parameter value texts. (If the value labels are hidden, a tooltip will be shown when the knob is adjusted that shows the parameters value.)

-Added actions to set next/previous fragment envelope shape

-Clicking on the parameter names on the Main parameters adds the envelope of that parameter to the envelope editor available envelopes

-Parameters of an unfinished feature (*) no longer shown in a menu in the Remote control manager window

Download at :


(*) OK, if someone managed to see those, yes, it’s parameter LFO modulation, but I have no timetable when it might appear in working state on a public build.

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4 Responses to HourGlass 0.9.1 release

  1. some65 says:

    First … great piece of software, thank you.
    I´m sounddesigner since 15 years and for me Hourglass is a great inspiration …
    I hope we all can see this wonderful plant growing more and more in the future.


    I wonder how to delete a vstfx in the mixer …

  2. Liam Grant says:

    0.9 started once then crashes and am only able to use 0.7 😦
    other than that its great 🙂
    can you help

    • xenakios says:

      Did you add VST plugin folders in the preferences? If you did, that’s one very probable reason it doesn’t launch anymore. Plugins can be tricky in that they might scan/load ok once but not again etc…

      There might be some other settings related reason too. You could try renaming the HourGlass.ini file to something else and see what happens then.

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