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0.7.0 release, but watch out for bugs

Finally got around to releasing. There are many new/changed goodies, but with the caveat they might not work optimally. So consider this release something like an alpha/beta (which you should have done with all previous releases anyway). As a consolation, … Continue reading

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Finally…They zoom and scroll too…

(click image for animation) –

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Making the Convolution effect less lame…

Ok, so the built-in convolution effect hasn’t been very fancy. Just load IR and control the dry/wet mix. I felt so sad for the poor neglected effect that I just had to work on something nice for it. In case … Continue reading

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New build in sights

I might be releasing a new build in the coming days. The sound sources manager panel will have at least one additional column, to control the relative playback volume of the sample. (Other columns may be added too, like transposition … Continue reading

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