HourGlass 0.9.0 released

Ok, finally it gets out. Don’t expect it to work perfectly, the goal is to improve things during further 0.9.x releases.

Changes :

-Main fragment engine parameters GUI overhaul. The A-button (which stands for automation/additional options, I guess) shows a menu for showing/hiding envelopes, disabling/enabling them, learning the MIDI remote control for a parameter, as well as some parameters will have spesific options that can be set.

-Multiple fragment envelopes system that allows adding an arbitrary number of envelopes and morph/switch between them.

-Resampler mode change function was moved to the Transposition and transposition Random spread A-button menu

-Pan law/type change function was moved to Pan/Rotate and Pan/Rotate spread A-button menu

-When holding down the Alt-key when dragging the envelope segment middle adjustment node, the envelope segment can be adjusted up and down. (Instead of the middle node adjusting the “tension” or other parameter of the segment.) This unfortunately at the moment only works for envelope segments that display the middle node, not for example the linear segment shapes.

-Channel output level meters added in the Mixer and the master output level meter removed from the Transport/render panel. Right-clicking the Mixer shows a menu for toggling visibility of meters, DSP inserts and the Fragment sends sections.

-Preferences and Toolbar Manager show keyboard/midi assignable actions in a tree of categories, for finding/exploring them quicker.

-4 screensets can be saved and loaded in the View menu (which store the locations, sizes and visibilities of the main panels, unfortunately DSP module editors are not yet included in this.)

-Envelope editor shows various indicators if an envelope is currently enabled for automation playback

-Fragment scripts are allowed to transpose fragments up to 6 octaves up and down. (No worries, such an extended range will eventually be available to be used directly from the parameters panel and envelopes also.)

-Added action to Sound sources list right-click menu that automatically builds new snapshots for each sound source in the list. These snapshots will have one sound source set to maximum weight and all the others to zero. (This only works when there are 2 or more sounds imported in to the sources list.) The current snapshots will be cleared when this is run.

-Fragment rate randomization option to add the randomization to the regular rate pulse instead of accumulating the randomness over time, which is the old behavior. (Accessible from the rate Randomization A-button.)

Download at :


Thanks again to Mr. Vesa Norilo for the hosting space.

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5 Responses to HourGlass 0.9.0 released

  1. Ravn Revheim says:

    Brilliant, thanks 🙂

  2. Ravn Revheim says:

    Fragment scripts does not save and reload with projects it seems…it stays as it is both when reloading projects, and creating new ones… other than that, still brilliant 🙂

  3. Ravn Revheim says:

    Sorry to bother you like this, but is the envelope morph parameter available to the script engine?

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