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HourGlass undo history flaw and a planned solution

Currently it works like this :                               So, each undo history step stores each envelope regardless of the envelope containing the same data or not…Hopefully I … Continue reading

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HourGlass 1.3.0 beta released

Finally it’s here! There may be rough edges but as usual if you find bugs or quirks, let me know. edit : I was in such a hurry to get this released I completely forgot there’s a feature that’s in … Continue reading

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Forget pointers and embrace copying values

I recently watched an amazing talk by Sean Parent on C++ at : It’s rather technical (apart from the Photoshop demo around the 54 minute mark) and unfortunately with very bad audio quality. The rather ironic thing is that some … Continue reading

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Getting closer to a new HourGlass release

I’ve now been reviewing the version history log for the past 2 months (which is long…) and thinking what stuff should be included in the next public version and what stuff needs a bit more thinking and development. Then there’s … Continue reading

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