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From trimming to montage

The trimming feature progressed into this (it’s like a mini-multitrack editor…) : The trimming behavior shown in the previous Youtube video could probably still be achieved with this and also the old automatic silent areas trimming thing will be still … Continue reading

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Audio trimming, first try

This might develop quite a bit more before it is available publicly, but it’s pretty cool already…

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The high cost of 1024 new envelopes

The parameter gestures system produced an unfortunate side effect due to the 1024 new envelopes involved : the undo system in HourGlass started to slow down. I noticed that the GUI updates were stalled for a little moment when new … Continue reading

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Parameter gestures more developed…

I am triggering 8 different gestures using my Novation Nocturn MIDI controller buttons…The gestures are drawn on the envelope editors as white curves while they are playing, to visualize what is going on. Please watch the video in HD and … Continue reading

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Why the 32/64 bit confusion?

For some reason there’s an ongoing confusion about the following matrix : Native 32 bit floating point calculations Native 64 bit floating point calculations 32 bit memory addressing X X 64 bit memory addressing X X So, all combinations work … Continue reading

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Finally some work done for a new feature

Mostly for live fun at the moment, but later the gestures could be triggered from a timeline too…

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HourGlass 1.2.11 beta released

Changes : VST preferences page again accessible OSC remote control can optionally run either in a worker thread or the GUI thread(*). Note that the OSC enabled state will reset to disabled by default in this version, so visit the … Continue reading

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