HourGlass 1.0.3 released

Changes :

-One way OSC support to receive remote control messages. (Two way communication to send feedback to control devices will happen at some point.) This will likely make your firewall/security software “complain” at some point, as OSC is a network based protocol. I have attempted to make the network access be “lazy” so that it is initialized only when OSC is enabled in the remote controls window, but it might be that isn’t enough for all “security” softwares to not immediately complain when you launch HourGlass now.

-Added actions (no default shortcuts, not in any menus) to switch to next/previous sound in the same disk folder.

-The sound start and end markers are stored permanently too. (So that they stay at the same positions as when the same sound was last used in HourGlass.)

-VST scan robustness improvement : a plugin dll is marked as failed if it causes a crash during scanning. (And that same dll won’t be loaded again when HourGlass is next launched.) This is still far from optimal though. The scanning really should happen in a separate process. I will get to that someday. At the moment I repeat the advice : Don’t attempt using large directories of, large and complicated VST plugins in HourGlass. I most likely will have no way to test and debug them.

-On Windows, version 1.0.2 was skipped which contained a fix that sets the fragment scripting program disabled by default.

-OS-X version still lacks a custom icon for the application.

Download at :





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One Response to HourGlass 1.0.3 released

  1. alohka says:

    what a very nice piece of software – I pass it around my students right now – thank you!!

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