2D/3D space…

At some point I will have to add surround panning into HourGlass. It’s not very urgent at the moment as I could not even listen to the results, as I don’t own surround capable sound equipment. It’s an interesting thing to think about anyway. The 2 (or even 3) dimensions available for the panning certainly would allow all kinds of rich systems to determine the pan positions of the sound fragments. I was first doing some searches on generating random points within arbitrary polygons, but that seems to be fairly complicated to do…I then remembered the good old Lissajous figures…These might offer some nice morphable patterns for spatialization…It really is too bad I lack the equipment to properly listen in surround, as this stuff (how to do spatial trajectories) is quite intriguing… 😦 (I know there are solutions for headphones that claim to do virtual surround, but I dunno…Maybe I will look into those at some point as a first aid…)

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