HourGlass 2.0 development started

I am not sure when there will be a first alpha/beta release, as there really aren’t any major exciting new additions done yet. The first thing I am looking into is cleaning up and optimizing the undo history with a copy-on-write system. (This hopefully reduces memory usage and allows richer things to be done with the undo history, which I will probably name to “version history”.) The second thing I will probably work on is replacing the PortAudio library with a new audio hardware access library I have been jointly developing with Vesa Norilo. Neither of these changes will likely result immediately in any big user experience changes.

I have replaced the Visual Studio 2010 compiler on Windows with Visual Studio 2013, which makes supporting Windows XP such an additional pain that I am likely not going to do it and the minimum OS requirement will be Windows 7. So, sorry Windows XP users…(What, there was an OS called “Vista”…? 😉 )

I will of course still keep the 1.4.x code base around and I will make one or two releases out of that, that will still run on Windows XP.

If there will be a 1.4.x release for OS-X, that will however require at least OS-X 10.7, as will the 2.x releases of course.

Hopefully these news didn’t disappoint people stuck with older operating systems too much. But progress must go on.

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2 Responses to HourGlass 2.0 development started

  1. Tony says:

    No HourGlass 2.0 for me then, no problem, thanks for the older versions. If Reaper would do the same what would happen?

    • xenakios says:

      Reaper is a paid-for commercial product, so they will have to carefully judge if dropping support for certain operating systems is detrimental or not for their business. HourGlass is free of charge, so I think I have some leeway about decisions on what I will support or not. I understand it’s disappointing if the OS support drops, but still, Windows XP is getting sooooo old now…

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