HourGlass 1.0.1 released

Still Windows-only, but lots of internal work done to enable building/running in OS-X. The first public OS-X build hopefully can happen during the next week…

edit : For first time users or in the unfortunate case the ini-file had to be deleted, there appears to be an unintended thing that the fragment
scripting is turned on and it contains a program that prevents the fragments transposition from working and instead keeps the transposition at -6 semitones.
The transposition knob can be made to work by turning off the fragment scripting from View->Fragment scripting and unchecking the checkbox Enable scripted fragments.
This will be fixed for the next release. There are not yet enough significant other changes to warrant releasing a fix that only deals with this issue.

Changes :

-MIDI input handling changed to use the RTMidi library in order to facilitate OS-X development. This might have some consequences for the Windows build too, but I haven’t yet tested extensively. You might need to set again the MIDI device you want to use in the remote controls window. Please do report any problems when using MIDI remote control.

-When recording live output, the status overlay display isn’t triggered to show. I will come up with something else to show some info about the recording status later.

-Fragment script program autocompilation now has a user settable delay before the compilation after typing has ended

-Fragment scripting uses new Cockos Eel2 engine. This hasn’t been extensively tested, but basic usage seems to work.

-The sound peaks display has a minimum heigth, so it should show itself more prominently and the remote controls manager window is hidden when HourGlass is started for the first time when no previous settings yet exist

-Fix for potential crash/corruption when new DSP inserts are added in the mixer slots (probably only affects the yet-to-be-released OS-X build, but just in case I mention this for Windows too)

Download :



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11 Responses to HourGlass 1.0.1 released

  1. abstractcats says:

    Sorry about the wrong post location, oopsy. This should be better? What about posting in the Xenakios KVR thread?

    As for the suggestion,
    “As to HourGlass not running anymore after the crash… 😦 Try deleting the hourglass_plugininfos.ini file…”
    I cant the the “hourglass_plugininfos.ini ” any where, not in the System or the System32 or in the Registry :-/ Where else could it be? I did try deleting all HG from my HD and then downloaded it again but still, no good. Thanks 🙂

    • xenakios says:

      On Windows 7 the ini files are located at :
      I can’t remember the exact location for Windows XP. :-/ But it should be somewhere similar. Originally HourGlass did put it’s ini-files in the same directory where the .exe itself is, but I later changed this as it’s really better to have the settings files separate from the executable.

      • abstractcats says:

        Got it! 😀 Deleting the plugin infos file did not work but deleting the Xenakios folder did. HG is working again 😀 AND, I figured how to get VSTs into HG, I created a folder in the HG folder that is created when the zipped file is extracted. My folder name is called VST_HourGlass and I just added it in the prefs section and the few VSTs I’ve put in the folder work perfectly, so far.

  2. fabian says:

    this tool is fucking amazing!!!
    keep working FTW

  3. IXix says:

    “there appears to be an unintended thing that the fragment
    scripting is turned on and it contains a program that prevents the fragments transposition from working and instead keeps the transposition at -6 semitones”

    I thought that was a demo 🙂

    – IX

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  5. riezr says:

    Nice program! Just found a bug after playing 10mins with it. In the main parameters section, selecting a numeric value field, and the without completing the input via ENTER selecting other fields leads to multiple active value fields waiting for input but you cant complete the value input anymore via enter…the fields seem to be stuck. on windows -> try clicking wildly in the fields you see here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/152/bugfs.jpg/ then it happens. greets

    • xenakios says:

      I think I saw this bug while originally programming the clickable value fields…And then I did something to prevent that from happening. I can’t reproduce this bug myself at the moment…But I can take a look at the code if it should be doing something else. There might be some subtle timing related issue going on. Which Windows version are you on?

      • riezr says:

        it was on win xp sp3 with pretty much every ms update installed and a ton of software (sys is running for over 5 years now…). i reproduced it by “randomly clicking the fields and pushing enter etc for about 20 to 30 times fast” in different fields. i dont know when it exactly happens but well…it happened 3 times reproducable. hope you find it…

  6. TranceWoo says:

    PDF Manual, Please!

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