HourGlass Downloads

19th March 2019 : There’s been some interest, so here are the download links for HourGlass available again, but please note this version is quite outdated and I don’t have plans to update it anymore.

Windows 32-bit (I don’t remember if this was compatible anymore with Windows XP, probably not) :


OS-X 64-bit, requires OS-X 10.7 minimum :




62 Responses to HourGlass Downloads

  1. mookie mallock says:

    where does i make donation to?

  2. cmossholder says:

    Need a mac version, please. 🙂

  3. James W says:

    Hi there,
    What type of license does this have?

    • xenakios says:

      I haven’t really thought about that. Do you have some particular concern? It’s currently free of charge to download and use, and I have no plans to change that with version 1.0.0 or anything. While it isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere in the download package, there’s the usual deal with software that HourGlass isn’t guaranteed to fit any particular use purpose and you must use it at your own risk. (ie, things they may occasionally break and I am not responsible for lost time and money due to that.)

      The source code is closed for now, and as far as I can tell, that is compatible with the licenses of the 3rd party code libraries used.

  4. James W says:

    Thanks mate, just wanted to make sure as I have a few guys in the company who would like to give it a try and needed to make sure that it was definitely freeware.

    Thanks, I will let you know if they have any constructive feedback.

  5. Michel says:

    Please a Mac version 😉

    • xenakios says:

      Sorry, still can’t do anything about that. Things haven’t changed with me being able to run OS-X in any way to the porting and building work. Contact Apple and ask them to support development for OS-X without running OS-X on their hardware… 😉

  6. Gregory says:

    Fabulous! I have no idea what I’ll do with it….

  7. osapjdaskdpas says:

    linux port please 😀

    • xenakios says:

      Well, I have actually got it built and running under Ubuntu Linux at some point, but that was just a preliminary test just to see if it is possible at some level. (It did run and produce sound but had horrible graphics performance.) Getting a Linux build out in the public and in sync with the Windows builds unfortunately isn’t a priority, but perhaps some day it will happen…

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  9. nay-seven says:

    Really great , this last version accept Usine VST now, so it’s a big step for me ( and for some of my friends too), btw do you plan to create a VST version of HourGlass..? could be one of the best and creative one on the market !

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  11. karag namfoh says:

    This is so much fun !!!! Just put some instances of stupid justin beaver songs in … and hell there is suddenly music coming out 🙂

  12. Diego C says:

    I just wanted to thanks once more (forgot if I already did) as I started to do decent sound designing and love it since I use your software, thanks really a for for doing and sharing it for free, really! All the best

  13. panpanos says:

    Hi Xenakios,
    I downloaded Hourglass latest version in my computer (mac OS X, 10.7.5) and every sound I put in, I got the almost same result. A flangy, phasy sound. am I doing something wrong? could you please help?

    thank you


    • xenakios says:

      What results you can get out of HourGlass, depends greatly on the source audio material and settings used. The flangy/phasy result is fairly typical when close to “neutral” settings are used. (ie, not much speed or pitch changes to the original) If you don’t like that, you should aim for more extreme settings. Note that HourGlass is not intended to be a tool to subtly correct timing/pitch, it’s very much aimed for so called “sound mangling”. Can you explain me a bit more what kinds of results were you expecting?

  14. pan says:

    Hi again,

    is there a way to render/record the sounds in 48 kHz and 24bit? at the moment everything I get is 44.1, 16bit

    thank you very much


  15. JL says:

    Hey there, just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Basically just wanted to let you know how much I love HourGlass, and how much I appreciate the work you put into it. Like the other guy asked, I would love to make a small donation to show my gratitude and to possibly help fund the development of further releases. 😉

  16. Buggles says:

    lots of fun, thankyou for creating this fantastic app!

  17. aalien says:

    Thank you!

  18. Gael says:

    The link for OSX isn’t working. Is there an alternative ?
    Thanks a lot

  19. Dan Burke says:

    Fun. Thanks!

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  21. Roberto says:

    This software is just heaven.

    • xenakios says:

      Of the “Reaper audio processing extension plugin”? Unfortunately not, as the builds I’ve tried making of it for OS-X just don’t work. (It’s “don’t work” as in “can’t be used at all” instead of “might crash here and there”, so there’s no point to even post a preliminary build at this time…)

  22. Evelyn says:

    Hi Xenakios,
    The version for OSX 10.6 is not available. Could you please upload again?
    Thanks !

    • xenakios says:

      HourGlass? Sorry, I am not sure if that is around anywhere anymore…Are you sure I’ve posted one some time in the past? (Psssst, did you know Apple is soon already at OS-X 10.11…? 😉 )

      If anyone else remembers if a OS-X 10.6 compatible build ever existed and/or happens to still have that, that’d be appreciated…Sadly, I am not sure if I am able to reproduce that build anymore with reasonable effort.

      • xenakios says:

        Ah hmm, was it the 1.3.0 or 1.4.0 build? The links are broken, I’ve forgot to remove those after changing my ISP. Anyway, the situation sadly could be that the .dmg files for those are not around anymore, but I could check my hard drives…

  23. jai says:

    non of these download links are working!

  24. xenakios says:

    Yeah looks like ge.tt downloads no longer work. Sigh. They don’t even give any explanation whether I’ve exceeded some limit etc…Well, I have to think about some other solution then. edit : Or well…Some download links work at ge.tt, some don’t. Even more annoying.

  25. dddux says:

    Well, at first download didn’t work for me by pressing “download” with the mouse button, but I tried “save link as” from Firefox 38.2.1 ESR and it worked. 😉

  26. Mark says:

    I have tried to download both the 32 and 64 bit reaper processing extension plugins from ge.tt (via Firefox) but get the message about it containing a virus / spyware. I’m sure it doesn’t but are you aware of this issue?



    • xenakios says:

      Yes, those downloads regularly cause browsers and antivirus softwares to show warnings. There isn’t much I can do about that. I just tried with Firefox myself, no warning was given, so I can’t even predictably test this. The browser warnings are usually because the download hasn’t yet been “popular enough”, so they determine it is suspicious. Antivirus softwares simply have all messed up heuristics. The antivirus vendors won’t reveal how those heuristics could be bypassed. I tried asking F-Secure about that but they never replied anything to me. I am not going to bother with other companies.

      You should be able to bypass the browser download prevention. The download notification should have a button which opens a menu that has something like “keep” or “download anyway”.

      Digitally signing the downloads might be able to solve these false virus/spyware alarms but that would mean I would need to start charging money for everything I release…(The digital signing process costs the developer money.) Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? 😉

      • Mark says:

        HI sorry – your (very quick!!) reply crossed mine. I’ve now installed. I haven’t tried it out yet as am in the middle of an editing project. Long story short, I don’t normally use Reaper but part of the project used a Soundfield mix so I needed to use a 4-track plugin to “steer” the mics in the editing process. I normally use Audition 3.0 but Reaper seemed to have everything I needed apart from pitch correction of individual mic tracks. So thank you so much for this and I’ll get around to trying (and contributing once I do!). Thank you so much for working on this and making it available. And (because I’m in the middle of a project) I haven’t yet tried this out – but looks just the job!

    • Mark says:

      Actually, ignore as Ive installed it and it seems fine. Might have been a Firefox thing.

  27. xenakios says:

    Mark, I am not sure what you mean by “pitch correction”, but my pitch processing plugin isn’t really designed to do subtle corrective changes of pitch. It’s more for extreme variable rate processing. You do know that Reaper itself without any external plugins has various pitch shifting/rate changing capabilities, right?

  28. Mark says:

    Hi Xenakios, I’m showing my ignorance here and you have picked up on it – thank you! Yes, I’m looking to pitch-correct the odd word or phrase during a take (this is a multimic vocal performance in a church). I use a similar thing in Audition where I can add a curve to pitch-correct during a sung phrase.. EDIT have had a proper look at ReaPitch and yes, that is similar to what Audition does and I think will do exactly what I’m looking for. I’m so sorry to take up your time!

  29. Mark says:

    PS will enjoy having fun with your processing plugin anyway, on a wilder project in future!

  30. Evelyn says:

    Hi ! there is any version for OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) ? Thanks !

    • xenakios says:

      Of HourGlass? (I need to sort out this downloads stuff into separate tabs here on the blog, it’s too confusing to have separate things listed here…) The latest HourGlass available here should work on Yosemite, I did actually update to Yosemite last year but forgot to update the information here. Does it not work for you on Yosemite?

  31. Eve says:

    Sorry ! Yes it worked !! thanks !! 😀

  32. Davide says:

    Can you tell me if hourglass can be used with midi or osc? If yes how?

  33. plasticmusic says:

    just to let you know, I’m still using the August 2014 Hourglass on OSX 10.11.6 version.



  34. BT says:

    Hey Xenakios,

    I just wanted to say a huge and humble thank you for all your (awesome) hard work. Hour Glass is phenomenal as are your Paul Stretch and CDP/Reaper extensions. Fantastic stuff man. I absolutely can’t wait for (greek character). Wow man. If you need beta help I’d love to help make patches.

    Software development is a wild and emotional ride and I am super grateful you share your talents with us. As a closing thought…..anyone here that has this I guarantee would gladly pay for it. Charge us! You’re work is worth it!


  35. lucas says:

    Great app, looking forward for the plugin version

    • xenakios says:

      If you mean HourGlass, I am not sure if I am going to do a plugin version. There are quite a few granular processing plugins already around…But maybe…?

      • thuja says:

        none is so cool as hourglass. They all lack of wild time stretching. And this is for me and my work an essential point! And: it has so much parameters to tweak on, this is unrivaled. So plz ….. 😀

  36. Ashton Mills says:

    HI Xenakios. Would love to be able to have a go with Hourglass, it looks like exactly the kind of thing I need for some sound design work I am doing. Is there anywhere I would be able to get a hold of it?
    Thank you

  37. Trey El says:

    This is written in QT4?

    At this point is there any reason not make it open source?

    In terms of licenses, you can compare some here: https://opensource.org/licenses
    Additionally, maybe the Apache License as used by GQRX could be suitable: https://github.com/csete/gqrx

    • xenakios says:

      Yes, for the GUI it uses Qt4. For not making it open source, not really any other reason than that it would be a project very few people could actually build anymore. It would now take a lot of effort even from myself to make a new build with the latest IDEs and compilers. Is there much value in open source that can’t easily be built? Anyway, I will consider releasing the source at some point…

  38. thuja says:

    THANK YOU! After days of research I found at last hourglass. I was really desperate, because my beloved macPOD doesn’t run on my OS 10.14.6. Mojave driven machines anymore. Hourglass does. The combination of time stretching and granular synthesis is gorgeous, the most apps haven’t this combination. And I love the amount of parameters I can tweak in hourglass. Would pay if it is still developed and in plug-in format!!!!!!

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