No, HourGlass is not dead

It looks like I just can’t give up working on HourGlass. 🙂  I was able to pick most of the sound processing parts from the stand alone application and make them work as a JUCE based plugin. The plugin is not going to be as full featured as the old stand alone application but hopefully it is also going to be a bit simpler to use. Not quite ready for even a beta release yet, but it shouldn’t take very long. (The video capture is from a stand alone application build of the plugin, but I’ve been testing the plugin version of it in Reaper, Ableton Live etc, it is as functional as the stand alone application build.)

OK, OK, I should work on λ, but argh…It’s just such a complicated thing. Some day, some day…




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8 Responses to No, HourGlass is not dead

  1. clepsydrae says:

    Nice! Glad to hear it. It had playrate envelopes before, right? (Or maybe I’m confused?) Is that planned?

    • xenakios says:

      Sorry, the forward playback mode of the whole engine with the playspeed envelope is probably not going to make it in. It was one of the more complicated and bug prone aspects of the old stand alone application. (It had to constantly recalculate what the output duration was going to be etc, making things quite messy in the code…)

      However, almost the same behavior can probably be achieved with careful setting up of LFOs for the source position and other parameters…

      The plugin is probably not going to have user editable envelopes at all. The parameters can be automated with the LFOs or host automation or MIDI CCs, making the plugin code and operation more simple. But who knows…

  2. IXix says:

    Cool! I’ll look forward to playing with that! 🙂

  3. Mplay says:

    Whoop whoop, late to the party but happy to hear this. Still use hourglass all the time, the would love it if I could use it inside my daw

  4. Jez says:

    Very nice!
    Are you planning on making a linux vst version?

    • xenakios says:

      It’s developed with JUCE, so in principle there’s no problem to build for Linux. It’s just all the hassle with the different OS distros and installed libraries in those that I am not so sure about…I am not a Linux user myself (yet…), so it’s difficult to support it.

  5. Joe Huergo says:

    Psst! Logan McBroom and I are creating a C++ CDP-inspired library! (I say “and I” but I’m mostly just consulting with my share of CDP experience, he’s doing all of the actual coding at this point.) It’s going to be way better for implementing interfaces than CDP imo, and is already fun to play with, although we have a ways to go. He’s already recreated several classic spectral procs (accu, blur, trace…) In case you’re interested, the repo is here -> and our Discord server (in case you happen to use that) is here -> I share this with you because we’re going to make our own nodal interface with this library that is going to be similar to λ, so I mean if you’re interested in perhaps contributing… open invitation 🙂

    • xenakios says:

      That’s interesting! I have to see what you’ve been able to do so far.

      For me, λ is on hold, I’d need to recode pretty much everything from scratch and I am not really looking forward to that…I’ve also lately started using VCV Rack and found that’s already quite inspiring for me music-making wise. I’ve been pretty lazy with the HourGlass plugin too, after starting my VCV Rack adventure, I haven’t been so excited to work on that…

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