Just a quick update for 2017

OK, so things have been rather quiet here in the blog. No news about λ and so on. I have been working on lots of different things, none of which have gotten to a state I would have liked to release to the public. This changed a bit some time ago when I decided it’s time to update the venerable Paul’s Extreme Time Stretch application.

I took out the old FLTK-based GUI code, the PortAudio code and the code that it used to use for reading and writing audio files and replaced all that with JUCE-based code. As I should have expected, it all turned out to be a pretty big project. But anyway, I finally managed to do something that I felt was worth releasing to the public for testing.

The KVR thread about it :


λ is not dead, just resting until I feel like looking at it again with some fresh perspective.

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5 Responses to Just a quick update for 2017

  1. IXix says:

    Nice one Xen! Paul Stretch is a great program. Great to see someone picking it up.

  2. Joe Huergo says:

    awesome! thanks for the update, take your time. can’t wait for lambda to come out though >:)

  3. Bjorn Berkowitz says:

    Looking good Xen!

  4. Friendly greetings Xenakios!

    WOW… this is a tremendously valuable undertaking. Thank you for investing your energy and talents into this, it feels like it’s much more usable than the original Paulstretch.

    Is there a way to do batch export or to auto-retain the name of the imported file upon export, with a suffix? Seems like each time, I have to manually enter a name.

    Regardless, it feels so much better to use the native Mac file browser and be able to navigate and control things better in realtime!

  5. matthew drury says:


    is there any chance that we could download your reaper implementation of CDP again?

    I really loved using it and just recently got a new computer (switched from mac to windows) so i now can’t use it!

    any help would be much appreciated!

    if anyone has this please email me at matthewdrury0@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!

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