Editing surround panning paths graphically , vol 1

I again did some testing with how to allow entering panning paths graphically…Curves can be added to the path and the path then “scanned” with the usual HourGlass envelope. (Click the image to get a larger animation.)


While this is neat, it does currently have the downside that the added curves can’t be edited later. I need to look into some solutions for that…

Qt has a nice class named QPainterPath that made this easy so far. Various shapes can be added to path and the path can later be evaluated according to a percentage value. This in turn allows creating look up tables that the audio code can use to obtain the panning positions. Hopefully Juce has something similar for the future…(And yes, this similar system could be used to implement the fragment internal panning too, but I will still have to see if it’s worth it doing that.)

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