HourGlass 1.5.0 beta still delayed…

I was almost ready to post a build but bumped to a Microsoft caused issue a few days ago. The latest build on Windows has been done with Visual Studio 2015 which has added an annoying problem of how the software built with it it supposed to be deployed to other computers. It would basically be going back to how things were with Visual Studio 2008 and how I had to tell people to install the Visual Studio runtimes before trying to run HourGlass. Isn’t it great how progress progresses from 2008 to 2015? Oh wait…

I am going to see a for a while if Microsoft will again make it possible to distribute the Visual Studio runtime DLLs directly in the application’s own directory. If they won’t make that possible, I will have to revert back to Visual Studio 2013.

Oh and as a sidenote to Windows XP users…Sorry, that age is now over. HourGlass 1.5.0 won’t run on Windows XP, no matter if it is built with Visual Studio 2013 or 2015. Microsoft says it’s still possible to build for Windows XP with the newer Visual Studios, but I’ve never got that actually to work and I am not really interested anymore in spending time and effort on that. I certainly don’t love Microsoft and everything new they do (as evidenced by the above displeasure with VS2015 and I doubt I’ll be getting Windows 10 either), but sticking with Windows XP just doesn’t seem reasonable to me anymore.

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