HourGlass surround progress part 9

OK, time flies by so fast…I haven’t extensively worked on the next HourGlass release lately, but it will appear at some point. I’ve been distracted remixing an old composition of mine from 1998 into quad. And there’s been no need to use HourGlass or its new multichannel capabilities for that.

I suppose I could put out an alpha release in the coming days. I know there are still bugs that are related to the multichannel stuff, but the alpha would at least give a taste of the new HourGlass version. And maybe some bugs that are not already obvious to me could be discovered by other people than me. Also I could consider some feature suggestions.

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2 Responses to HourGlass surround progress part 9

  1. Jean-Marc says:

    I am waiting for this alpha !
    By the way, is it possible to have access to your 4 channels music to listen ?

  2. Matthew Ashmore says:

    Alpha. go onnnnnnnnnnn. I’m game

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