HourGlass surround progress part 5

Still working on the multichannel stuff in HourGlass.

Plugins/effects in the mixer now work to the extent that things won’t crash or sound corrupted when more than 2 channels are in use. This however was implemented rather crudely at this point, the effects are simply made to process the first 2 channels and pass the rest of the channels unprocessed. I can probably make most of the HourGlass built-in effects support multichannel processing but 3rd party VST plugins are trickier. (Many of them don’t support processing more than 2 channels.) A system would need to be implemented that instantiates several copies of the plugins and gangs the parameters etc…That will be somewhat involved to do and probably won’t make it into the initial HourGlass 1.5 release.

Some things still need to be added. Previewing the loaded sounds probably doesn’t at the moment work for multichannel files or outputs. A channel routing system should be added to the master channel. A multichannel panner DSP effect/module would be nice to have too…

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2 Responses to HourGlass surround progress part 5

  1. Tom says:

    Sounds good to me 🙂



  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Multichannel plugins support would be a must.
    At least, there is now a number of rather good 8 channels FX (from Voxengo, Melda Productions or U-He).
    The simpler way would be to process the available channels and to pass through the other ones ?
    But of course, an automatic copies instantiation would be extremely usefull (I hope Reaper could do it !).
    Thanks for your work.

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