HourGlass surround progress 2

Added some Eel scripting support and visualization of the voice pan positions.


This won’t completely depend on the user being able to write scripts. I will include some presets and probably also think of some kind of a visual designer for the pan movements…

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5 Responses to HourGlass surround progress 2

  1. nay-seven says:

    Nice !

  2. IXix says:

    Ooooh! 🙂

  3. Tom says:

    Awesome!!!!!! 🙂
    Is it already possible this way to address each grain in a way that it pans over it’s lifespan from front to back for instance? Or in other words: Is the pan position of each grain static over it’s lifespan or can that be moved as well?



    • xenakios says:

      The panning of the voices is still static per each grain instance. I am considering whether I should add grain internal panning…It probably wouldn’t be difficult to code (since it would be very similar to how the grain volume envelopes already work) but I am slightly worried if it adds too much CPU usage…

      • Tom says:

        Well, if it’s not too complicated to implement, I would at least find it interesting to try if it actually adds something interesting and if yes have it as an option with a warning about the CPU hit maybe?
        In my imagination it adds an organic component (think a swarm of insects) but I never had a tool to try if it actually works with just four/5.1 speakers. It’s possible it’s too subtle and needs a more sophisticated system.
        I also would think it probably works best with less and longer grains with a lot of high frequency content, so they are easier to differentiate.

        Cheers and thanks a lot for keeping us posted!


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