HourGlass surround features progress report 1

Took some work but now I have a very preliminary surround sound/multichannel implementation working in HourGlass. As evidence, a screenshot from Reaper of a file rendered with the new HourGlass version :


As you can see, the fragments/grains are panned (randomly) across 4 audio channels. All this has been implemented with the minimal possible code to get something running, so this isn’t anywhere near release-ready at this point. I also have plans to make this a bit more advanced than just panning the fragments randomly within a quadrophonic space…(Some of that planned stuff may also be interesting for people doing only stereo productions.)

edit : Here’s a quadrophonic example file if anyone happens to have a suitable setup to listen to it…


More work certainly needs to be done for the spatial imaging and how the pan positions of the sound fragments are determined. (In the example file, the pan XY positions are taken from a uniform random distribution.). I’ve been considering Ambisonics based processing etc…Remains to be seen how it ends up.

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1 Response to HourGlass surround features progress report 1

  1. Tom says:

    Sounds great on my system! 🙂
    I always thought it would be nice to test individual movement for grains in surround. Like all grains moving from a random front position to a random back position so it moves towards you…
    I don’t know if it would be really interesting since so far no tool I had was able to do it…
    And of course circular movement for the eye of the tornado 🙂
    (BTW FLAC works great as a format for surround, Audacity does it nicely…)



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