Joys of graph processing

Last night I decided it was time to rethink how my CDP (Composer’s Desktop Project) frontend works. I smashed up a graph data structure and then a GUI for that.











This works in all sorts of ways better than the previous system.

edit : More fun with nodes that autoconnect in proximity to other nodes :


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12 Responses to Joys of graph processing

  1. Jukka Kääriäinen says:

    Interesting! I´m looking forward it.

  2. reflected says:


  3. anders says:

    This looks very interesting! When will the frontend be available?

    • xenakios says:

      Things have been progressing a bit slow lately. 😦 But this should hopefully eventually be available since I did get it working pretty well already. It’s currently missing support for the CDP time varying parameters and I need to think carefully how I will implement that…Also the GUI design needs more work.

  4. gb says:

    hey, xenakios

    are there any news about this? i check here everyday to see whether there are!

    anyway, keep up the great work! hourglass is a favourite 🙂

  5. i604 says:

    As a reaktor and Jeskola Buzz user, I like this.

  6. Michael L says:

    The link is broken to your image of the CDP frontend. I am so pleased you are working again on CDP!

    • xenakios says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what happened to the image…I’ll try to reupload it. I haven’t worked lately on the new CDP frontend unfortunately. I will get back to it once I’ve got the surround/multichannel updates done for HourGlass to some degree.

      • Michael LaFlamme says:

        Hi X, The image IS visible in an different/ older browser. What a great approach! Sorry its not for OSX! M


  7. xenakios says:

    I’ve been doing builds of the new front end for both Windows and OS-X. But neither is yet really ready for public testing. Features are missing and there has to be tons of bugs and again, not all of the CDP programs are supported…A conservative estimate for first public release might be during Autumn time.

  8. xenakios says:

    On the other hand, I’ve also been thinking again about how productive it actually is to make front ends for the CDP command line programs. It can get pretty tedious because the programs fail so easily with wrong parameter values and types of input files…It’d be much better if the programs were just rewritten as library code that would behave better under various conditions. But that is certainly a huge task.

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