Just a quick update

So long since the last blog post…Happy New Year to everyone!

As a quick update :

-I am still working on the Composer’s Desktop Project front end plugin for Reaper (I’ll probably post a build of the standalone app too at some point)

-There’s no news about HourGlass 😦

-I’ve been looking into Lua programming because that’s what a certain DAW will have for scripting in the near future 😉

-As a very random side project, I’ve looked into reimplementing the CMask program (for Csound score generation) with C++ and Juce and with also the eye to making it generate events compatible with other scenarios too. It might be though that I will just look into doing this in Lua instead…

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13 Responses to Just a quick update

  1. monsterwerk says:

    Hope you get some time for Hourglass as well, love it to pieces, but I have some problems with osc remote-control mapping….other than that, it’s perfect 🙂

    • xenakios says:

      I’ve mostly tested OSC on HourGlass with TouchOsc, what kind of problems are you having with the OSC functionality?

      • monsterwerk says:

        The problem is getting hourglass to register the right ‘address’ of the controls (I’m using touchosc too btw)
        Say I have a fader /f/1, when registering the control and moving it, it shows the right address, but as soon as i release it the registered address gets an added /z at the end…and it’s not manually editable either :/
        The result is that all the controls I’ve set up send 1 when touched, and 0 when released…and not the actual value…not so useful. For now I’m using my midi controller-keyboard, but this is not optimal and a bit clunky and not so precise…

  2. monsterwerk says:

    Sorry, but now I feel stupid, only now did I think of checking with the settings in touchosc itself: “Touch messages (/z)”, doh!

  3. Jukka Kääriäinen says:

    Unable to download CDP Frontend. It´s blocked by my antivirus software Bitdefender. “Infected with malware. Virus name: Gen: Variant.Jaik.5774

    • xenakios says:

      Sigh. Your antivirus software is with 99.99% certainty wrong. But I’ll take a look with Virustotal if any other antivirus softwares complain about it too. Not sure what to do about that though.

  4. xenakios says:

    OK, I tested the Windows 32 bit build on Virustotal.com. 6 out of 57 antivirus engines report the Gen:Variant.Jaik, the others don’t detect anything. The checksums of the dll are the same between my build and the dll extracted from the zip-archive. So the file download hasn’t been tampered with. I however don’t have a solution to this problem at this time, sorry. I could try different build settings in Visual Studio, so maybe the resulting binary no longer causes the virus warning.

    • xenakios says:

      Building with different settings didn’t help. Maybe if I change the code around a bit for the next versions, the heuristics of the antivirus products won’t complain anymore but I can’t guarantee that. (In theory I could give the dlls to the antivirus companies in question for them to determine there really isn’t any malware, but in practice that would be a royal hassle to do for a free product. Just additional work for me without any value added.)

      • Jukka Kääriäinen says:

        That´s too bad. I´m really looking forward this plugin. I had the cdp frontend x86 pre5 on my computer but for some reason I guess Reaper (v. 476) didn´t recognize it since it wasn´t listed as a plugin.

  5. xenakios says:

    I’ve sent the 32 bit dll to F-Secure for deep analysis, hopefully they will return back some data…

  6. xenakios says:

    Note by the way that the plugin is not a VST or similar plugin you would see in the Reaper track FX list. You need to call up the plugin user interface with the action “Xenakios : Show/hide CDP front-end” and the plugin works on a selected media item via offline processing. You will find the action in the Reaper actions window, there’s no menu entry or a keyboard shortcut by default.

  7. Jukka Kääriäinen says:

    Thanks for your reply. New information. I run Soundloom to make sure it´s running fine and my antivirus program took action: “Bitdefender has detected an infected item in C:\cdpr7\_cdp\_cdprogs\listdate.exe. The file was disinfected for your protection”. I also scanned
    cdp frontend x86 pre5 with Bitdefender and it was clean.

  8. xenakios says:

    Hmm…Virustotal’s Bitdefender doesn’t see CDP’s listdate.exe as infected. Also, F-Secure’s so called analysis didn’t give back any useful information after hours of waiting for the result. It sees the CDP frontend plugin pre6 build as infected with the damn Jaik malware. I dunno, it looks like the virus scanners just are all over the place with their “detections”. What pieces of shit technology! Very frustrating but there isn’t much else for me to do at this point. Hopefully the false detections go away if I change the source code enough for the next public builds.

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