HourGlass 1.4.5 for OSX

Here is finally a new build for OS-X :


It is based on the same code as the last public Windows release. So there isn’t anything new, Windows users need not worry that they are left out on anything. Future plans for HourGlass are still open. I am not going to develop the 1.x series further, I will only do fixes for bad bugs on OS-X.

It requires at least OS-X 10.7. (10.6 simply isn’t something I am willing to deal with anymore, so don’t ask about that.) It may contain new bugs compared to the last OS-X build, but if anyone reports them, there’s a chance they may get fixed…It might not even run at all since I didn’t exactly remember the procedure I used last year when I did the OS-X builds…But please do report any problems, so I can look if they are fixable.

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One Response to HourGlass 1.4.5 for OSX

  1. nay-seven says:

    Thanks a lot for this release !
    works fine here ( Mac OSX 10.8.5)

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