How’s HourGlass? Do I now drink JUCE? Qt no longer so cute?

I haven’t worked on HourGlass at all for a few months. Now that I’ve gotten more familiar with JUCE, it seems there could be a possibility I might rewrite HourGlass in some form using JUCE. That would have the benefit that making a plugin version would finally feasibly be possible. The recently released CDP front-end plugin is actually mostly developed as a standalone application (binaries of that have not been publicly available yet), which I every now and then build and test in the Reaper plugin mode. With JUCE based code it’s quite transparent to switch between a standalone application and a plugin with the same code base.

I am not sure yet what I am going to do with HourGlass. I feel very tempted to just drop the Qt based version completely. While Qt is an excellent framework, I’ve found it to become less and less relevant for myself. It’s very bad for doing plugins of any kind, except plugins for host applications that themselves are written with Qt. (And even then, there are the problems of C++ ABI compatibility and so on…) Qt no longer develops the traditional Qt Widgets module. They instead prefer to develop their Qml based GUI system, which isn’t very attractive for me. (Qml has a TON of runtime dependencies, it’s not C++ etc…) They nudge people towards using Qml in new code and I don’t like that.

One possibility how I might proceed is that I could extract and adapt the HourGlass audio processing code from the current Qt-based HourGlass code base and integrate that code into the CDP front-end code. The CDP programs offer all kinds of granular sound processing algorithms, but none of the CDP programs do granular processing exactly like HourGlass. (At least as far as I’ve found…) So having the HourGlass granulation/fragmentation processing available in the CDP front-end could make sense. I might need to rename the CDP front-end to something else then, though…

JUCE is not without its own problems, of course. But I’ve started to feel like it is the more appropriate thing for me to use.

I guess these were just random ramblings…

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2 Responses to How’s HourGlass? Do I now drink JUCE? Qt no longer so cute?

  1. IXix says:

    Just don’t stop HourGlass! I don’t get to play with it as much as I’d like but when I do it blows my mind every time. You’ve made something amazing, please keep going…

    – IX

  2. Guest says:


    Leave Qt now, a lot of pro audio plugins use JUCE.

    Embrace JUCE and work on HourGlass 2. JUCE it’s a great framework and your app (HourGlass) has a lot potential. I foresee a lot of future in this app, mainly if you make the standalone and plugin versions.

    Best regards,

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