HourGlass 1.4.4 released

Changes :

  • Source sound volume can be analyzed and converted into an automation envelope (found under the Ops menu button as “Generate from sound”, the unnamed slider changes the window length of the analysis, I’ll label etc this in a future update)
  • Source sound pitch can be analyzed and converted into an automation envelope.(*) Don’t expect too much out of this, it’s mainly useful to get an envelope that vaguely resembles the pitch curve of the source sound. (found under the Ops menu button as “Generate from pitch analysis”)
  • Fragment scripts can have 2 different sections that are called at seek time or at fragment generation time (forgot to include an example of this in the script presets…) (**)
  • When used as an external editor, no longer require a render target folder to have been set
  • Effect/VST plugin reported latency now taken into account in the offline preprocessing (ie, the assumably silent beginning of the processing is removed in the processed result)
  • Offline preprocessing resets effect/VST before rendering (should fix for example ReaFIR losing the start of the sound)
  • Envelope generation function rewritten so that the audio engine mutex lock is held only for a very brief time, even if tons of envelope points are generated
  • Some other changes/fixes

Download (Windows-only, OS-X builds still on indefinite hold) :


(*) The pitch analysis uses the csound “plltrack” opcode source code, which is LGPL licensed. So I added some plugin APIs for HourGlass to allow dynamically loading the pitch analysis binary. The source code for the pitch tracking plugin and the modified csound opcode is also included in this release. If you want to modify/rebuild the plugin yourself, you must use the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C++ compiler with Service Pack 1. Note that the plugin APIs and the required compiler will likely change in future releases of HourGlass, requiring to do rebuilds of the plugin!

(**) Example script that does a random walk for the source position fragment parameter, starting the random walk at the middle of the source sound play range when the HourGlass playback is seeked. If the source position would go before the beginning of the play range, it jumps to the end of the play range and vice versa.


rw < 0.0 ? (rw=1.0;);
rw > 1.0 ? (rw=0.0;);
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7 Responses to HourGlass 1.4.4 released

  1. IXix says:

    Cool as a cucumber! 🙂

  2. Tatsy says:


  3. Alessandro Ratoci says:

    so bad no osx yet…any clue?

  4. Thank you very much! Hourglass is an excellent software!

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  6. Louis Perez Sr. says:

    Ever since I first tried CHAOS for the very first time and was able to make a smooth transition from a hardware keys performer into a hardware sequencer and then saw a way to integrate both at the same time into a DAW i have been dreaming of the next step as being able to give a sense of control to my music in a way that it sounds like I am SINGING which i do NOT DO..I can now say I am really having a ball with your mind boggling creation…I have not had this much enlightening fun since 1986 when i first discovered a Roland MC 300 that I still own …..Of course you will use all your donations {and the proceeds from your garage sales as well } to betterment of the app because it is in your blood…And enrichment of the soul ..Thank you EVER SO MUCH for all your time into such an enterprise..If we young bloods become good DEEP FEELING-ORIENTED musicians a good part of that will be your FAULT ….And that is written down in history…………..Louis Sr.

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