Shaping randomness

edit : now with a Youtube demo video

Among other things, I’ve lately worked on some random distributions stuff. Possibly one of the most interesting achievements is a random distribution that can be freely shaped using envelopes. Click on the image (to start the animation and/or enlarge the image) to see a live demo running inside HourGlass :

This isn’t yet wired up to drive any of the randomized audio processing parameters in HourGlass, but hopefully I’ll soon get around to trying that. In the screen capture, the envelope at the top represents the probabilities for the values. The middle section shows the cumulative probability distribution, which is an internal detail in the algorithm. The lowest section shows a sample of 4096 random numbers taken from the distribution.

It would be pretty interesting to be able to morph between these random distributions, I will have to see how that could be implemented…

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