HourGlass development news

Things have been kind of quiet with HourGlass. I have been doing much studying and work lately that is more about future things, possibly not related to HourGlass at all.

I have however now worked on HourGlass a bit again and a release might appear in the coming days. Expected changes :

-2 new main parameters, Source Position Randomization and Sound Source Select.

-Startup time has been optimized a bit by loading the keyboard shortcuts with a better algorithm. (About 30x faster, in absolute time that will mean about 200-300 milliseconds has been shaved off when starting HourGlass on my development machine.) I will check if other things are using similar bad algorithms and see if it is possible to do optimizations to speed things up.

Hopefully I can finally make Finally made the envelope shaping points move consistently with the direction of the mouse movement.

OS-X users will unfortunately be out of luck again, no build is coming for OS-X. 😦 Send sweet thanks to Apple for making it so involved to build software for OS-X.

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1 Response to HourGlass development news

  1. IXix says:

    Oooo, new parameters! 🙂

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