HourGlass 1.4.1 preview 1 released

Changes :

  • XY pad to control parameters. (Right click on the XY area or handles to get the available options.) The added parameters go through the existing remote controls system, so it’s possible to use elaborate response curves for the XY pad handle movements, as with MIDI/external OSC control. This feature is a work in progress and may have so called “rough edges” in this release.
  • Offline processing now has the possibility to save/restore a default chain. (Right-click on the processor list area)
  • Offline processors can be copy/pasted
  • Fragment sound source waveform zoomer/scroller shows peaks to help navigation. (If you don’t like it, you can resize the zoomer/scroller small and the peaks disappear.) This doesn’t at the moment work really well when multiple sounds have been loaded. (Some redesign will probably happen in the future. Maybe each sound will get its own zoomer/scroller or something.)
  • Varispeeder offline processing module saves and restores state
  • Before offline rendering operations, available space on disk is checked
  • Disallowed choosing “silly” paths to scan for VST plugins (like the desktop or the root of a drive). If such paths were previously chosen, they remain however.
  • Rendering source sound directly to disk (without involving the fragmentation engine) no longer (hopefully) crashes the app. This was a terrible stupid bug. 😦
  • Some other changes/fixes

Download :


So, what’s up with OS-X? Unfortunately at the moment I can’t build for OS-X at all. I had to repurpose (meaning wipe out OS-X) the computer I had previously used for that for some personal music performance stuff. Such is the life of a developer/musician with limited resources.

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3 Responses to HourGlass 1.4.1 preview 1 released

  1. Tony says:

    Thanks Xenakios.

  2. Tony says:

    Is there any form of manual for HourGlass or any kind of useful explanation text material? If not, I would like to help creating a basic manual for it, if I would know where to get some information.

  3. IXix says:

    Yay! Thanks Xen! 🙂

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