HourGlass development status

Development is still going on, but at a slower pace. There might not be a “final” 1.4.0 release for a while. I might do another Windows-only 1.4.0 beta or “prerelease” release at some point. Or maybe it will be a 1.4.1 beta. (Unfortunately at the moment I can’t do OS-X builds at all but the plan is to do those again at some point.)

Longer term plans (around the 1.5.0 version) involve dropping support for Windows XP (and probably Vista, I can’t test on that anyway) and OS-X 10.6 (*). So if you now have a bug, a quirk or a relatively simple feature request you want considered in the Windows XP or OS-X 10.6 compatible builds, let me know. I need to drop the old operating systems compatibility in order to be able to modernize the HourGlass codebase a bit and be able to use newer C++ compilers/features.

(*) This will be the real deal, not just “it might run but isn’t supported by me”. The app is simply not going to run anymore on those operating systems. Or if it does, it’ll just crash and burn soon after starting up.

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5 Responses to HourGlass development status

  1. Tony says:

    Should not HourGlass be a musical tool, thus who cares about the latest C++ compiler features? Is it not possible to continue also with the old C++ compilers, still developing further, if at all? How can only the newest C++ compiler features allow further development? Anyway, thanks what you did so far. Yes, I am an XP user and will use then the latest available XP version, all other features will not be for me.

    • xenakios says:

      At the rate the development is going at the moment, I wouldn’t expect the XP compatibility to be dropped very soon. The 1.4.x series has a good chance of getting various bug fixes and new features still.

      Regarding the programming technical question of whether using newer compilers/runtimes is really necessary. Perhaps it is not absolutely necessary but HourGlass is also my largest development project which works as a test bed and personal learning experience for me, so I also want to advance the code to use some newer things in the C++ language and libraries which I can’t do if I have to keep up compatibility with outdated operating systems. (As the compiler/library vendors don’t support those anymore.) It’s not necessarily about the newer programming stuff directly allowing new features to happen, it’s more about some things being easier and cleaner to do as well as about my personal preferences about what I wish to do.

  2. Mplay says:

    Hi Xenakios, are you planning a 64bit windows version? I was using hourglass with rearoute to record straight into reaper but switched to reaper64. I was also wondering if you’re going to integrate hourglass at some point. I’m thinking something like the melodyne vst in which you can transfer audio and use it in project. I’d gladly get a paid license for something like that

    • xenakios says:

      I just tested ReaRoute from the 32 bit HourGlass into 64 bit Reaper and it seems to work…You need both 32 and 64 bit Reaper installed (with ReaRoute checked in the installer). If it doesn’t work then, check the HourGlass audio preferences have a buffer size of at least 1024 samples, IIRC ReaRoute won’t work at all with smaller buffer sizes. If even that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what could be the problem. (I am myself running these on 64 bit Windows 7.)

      A 64 bit build on Windows will probably happen once I migrate over to Visual Studio 2012/2013. VS 2010 Express doesn’t come with a 64 bit C++ compiler and getting the compiler via other means from Microsoft is a mess now. (VS2012/13 Express editions come with the 64 bit compiler installed by default.)

      I have been thinking about various ways to integrate HourGlass into DAW softwares, but there are all kinds of general design and programming implementation problems that are not entirely trivial to deal with. (I know I’ve probably been saying this for a couple of years now but I’d rather release something reasonably stable and performant than some horrible contraption that just crashes all the time and wastes a lot of CPU etc…)

      • Mplay says:

        Awesome to read rearoute should be possible! I only have reaper 64 bit installed atm, I’ll try with reaper x86 installed as well. I see your point about integration, but if you have plans to go commercial at some point it would be time well spent. Hourglass ran extremely solid on my old pc, it seems to me a lot of clever programming went in already 🙂

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