Surprising bits and time scales

If you measure time in units of samples at a 44100hz sample rate with a 32 bit value :


97391,5 seconds=

1623,2 minutes=

27,1 hours

That might get a bit tight when dealing with surveillance recordings or extreme pieces of art. So, let’s go with 64 bits…


307445734561825860,3 seconds=

5124095576030431 minutes=

85401592933840,52 hours=

3558399705576,7 days=

9749040289,3 years

And let’s leave it at that…

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2 Responses to Surprising bits and time scales

  1. Tom says:

    Hahaha – that should leave some headroom 😉

  2. Tony says:

    Now divide by 7 or 8 Billions (10 to the power of 9), the world population. 1.39 years is for 7 Billions, not so high.

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