Ancient history, before HourGlass…

Before I started working on HourGlass in “real C++” and using the Qt framework, there was this app, “Texturizer”, written in Microsoft’s “managed C++” and the .NET framework :

I unearthed the sources and made the app run and play some sound, just to see what the thing was like. I couldn’t even run the .exe directly now because it has the sound file to be played hardcoded in the source code, and the file in the .exe built in 2009 was no longer in that location on my hard drives… 🙂 I have no idea what the app is really doing with the sliders etc, I didn’t bother looking in the source code that much for now…

People might think that perhaps HourGlass should have stayed that simple…But then there really wouldn’t have been much point for me personally to ever do it…I kind of knew I wanted and needed HourGlass to be something much more complicated than just a simple granulator.

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1 Response to Ancient history, before HourGlass…

  1. IXix says:

    Simplicity is for people who can’t cope with complexity. I’m glad you carried on.

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