Getting closer to a new HourGlass release

I’ve now been reviewing the version history log for the past 2 months (which is long…) and thinking what stuff should be included in the next public version and what stuff needs a bit more thinking and development. Then there’s a bit more internal testing to do and then the next beta build will be uploaded, probably during this week. There won’t be a great feast of new major features, much of the work done has been improvements to the internal code design to handle things more robustly and to allow for future expansions more easily, as well as fixing of obvious bugs.

It’s unfortunate that the more frequent release schedule hasn’t materialized as promised earlier. The things I have been rewriting and redesigning for the past 2 months have been too extensive to allow stable enough intermediate public releases to be done. Some major bugs were too severe to easily fix based off the code of the last public release and I preferred those fixes would happen properly with rewritten code. (Although technically branching in git from that old version could have been done and dirty bug fixes introduced…)

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3 Responses to Getting closer to a new HourGlass release

  1. nay-seven says:

    Cool news ! ( and good decisions) 😉

  2. IXix says:

    Slow is good. Less mistakes are made.

  3. John Shepherd says:

    Your version of “slow” is many other developers’ “fast”….you’re doing great, take yer time!

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