Parameter gestures more developed…

I am triggering 8 different gestures using my Novation Nocturn MIDI controller buttons…The gestures are drawn on the envelope editors as white curves while they are playing, to visualize what is going on. Please watch the video in HD and full screen.

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8 Responses to Parameter gestures more developed…

  1. nay-seven says:

    impressive and cool musical results !

  2. Tony says:

    “Learn remote” does not work here. Also not “Learn OSC/Midi” in the actions list. Are these features already implemented or just their buttons?

    • xenakios says:

      They should work. MIDI and OSC must be separately turned on to use some device or network port in the Remote controls manager before the learn functions receive anything for learning. It’s of course possible both MIDI and OSC somehow don’t work on your system. You should be able to determine that in the Remote controls manager once having turned on the MIDI/OSC receiving. The logging text area should show messages coming in. (Note that OSC requires HourGlass to be able to use the network, so if your firewall has blocked HourGlass, you should unblock it for using OSC.)

      • Tony says:

        Thanks Xenakios. I had not activated any ports in remote controls manager, now I did, all midi events are shown there correctly. However still “remote learn” and midi/osc learn from the actions window does not work here. Maybe you improved/changed the code in a later/your version and it works there. I am using 1.2.11 beta.

  3. xenakios says:

    Yes, it looks like the learn dialog isn’t working at all in the 1.2.11 build… 😦 The build was left in an unfortunately buggy state. Hopefully I can get the new one out soon.

    • Tony says:

      The remote learning will work, also for us, I can also play around hopefully and create some funny YouTube videos. Automation to the maximum and maximum craziness. I like especially there is a min..max range for every parameter so we can control the outcome a little more, so it will not sound too crazy. For what kind of stuff are you using HourGlass mainly xenakios? What type of sounds are you “usually” modifying? I would say for crazy Star Wars kind of fighting scenes HourGlass is just perfect. Very futuristic sounds can be created. What else? I am asking you as you should have most experience with it so far, probably.

      If a few older versions work nicely with midi learn, I could try also those, if they are downloadable anywhere? 1.2.10 or older?

      • xenakios says:

        1.2.9 seems to show the remote learn dialog. I haven’t been able to actually use HourGlass very much myself, as I have always ended up developing it more instead of concentrating on using it myself…Vocal/speech sounds IMHO seem to work the best with it. Worst input sounds are isolated single hits/plucks from percussion/drums/etc. I’ve had some success using mixed full tracks/songs too, but haven’t dared to show those on Youtube due to copyright concerns… 😉 HourGlass is probably best used to do extreme processings, as the more subtle ones it can achieve are probably too much work since you could get similar results out of VST plugins you could use inside your DAW application. (ie, you can get subtle flanger/chorus/micropitchshift kind of things, if you tweak the settings right).

  4. Tony says:

    Tried 1.2.9 and midi learn works there, great! Will play around a little.

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