HourGlass 1.2.11 beta released

Changes :

  • VST preferences page again accessible
  • OSC remote control can optionally run either in a worker thread or the GUI thread(*). Note that the OSC enabled state will reset to disabled by default in this version, so visit the Remote controls manager to enable OSC receiving as needed.
  • Toolbar manager lists available actions without first having to write into the actions filter.

Download :

Windows : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.11beta.exe

OS-X (Intel 64 bit, OS-X 10.6/10.7 recommended) : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.11beta.dmg

(*) Which one should you choose? Basically, if the worker thread mode doesn’t work well, use the GUI thread mode, or vice versa.

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