HourGlass 1.2.10 beta released

There’s a bug in this and in the previous version too, that prevents going into the VST preferences page…Fix hopefully coming soon…

Changes :

  • VST plugin scanning on OS-X hopefully fixed
  • OSC remote control runs in a separate thread which might improve performance and responsiveness to the OSC messages. This might also be buggy, therefore the beta for both Windows and OS-X
  • Render output base file name saved and loaded with .hourglass document files
  • Experimental self extracting 7zip exe-archive for the Windows version. If I get reports this doesn’t work due to web browsers, virus scanners etc complaining, I’ll use again the .zip archives.


Windows : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.10beta.exe

OS-X (Intel 64 bit, OS-X 10.6/10.7 recommended, please report what happens with OSX 10.8 if possible) : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.10beta.dmg

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