HourGlass 1.2.8 released

Changes :

  • Envelope time selection handles and envelope generator now have the ability to fade in and out the envelopes (centrally to the whole envelope, I will look later into making that work so that it fades centrally to the relevant envelope point values)
  • DSP modules hosted in the offline processing chain now support automation envelopes (this wasn’t tested a lot, but it would appear to mostly work)
  • Fixed some problems and crashes which happened when removing sound files
  • Finally some handling added for missing audio files when an .hourglass file is loaded. Works as follows : 1) Looks for file in the original location. 2) Looks for file in the location where the .hourglass file is. 3) If a file was previously succesfully found at step 4, looks for the file in that location. 4) Pops up a missing file handling dialog, which allows to browse the file manually or scan the filesystem starting from a selected folder. (Note that on OS-X it’s probably best to choose the manual browsing and use the Spotlight search feature of the operating system.)
  • Random refresh button in envelope generator makes the offline chain render the audio file if required
  • Envelope generator right-click menus for the time and value shaping options work again
  • Sound start/end and envelope generator parameters have remote learn feature via right-click
  • Added action to Info menu that generates an html page of the available actions and their currently assigned keyboard shortcuts and launches the default internet browser to show the html page
  • Added action to reset the sample playback range to cover the whole file
  • Hopefully fixed broken realtime playback after offline render (was previously complaining about starved voices)
  • Envelopes in Play forward mode now should show more proper time values in the envelope time ruler area
  • Resample envelope operation bug fixed (was adding an envelope point that made the envelope playback code confused)
  • Play forward mode audio file samplerate related bug fixed

Download :

Windows : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.8.zip

OS-X (10.6/10.7, Intel 64 bit) : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass1.2.8beta.dmg

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2 Responses to HourGlass 1.2.8 released

  1. IXix says:

    Thanks Xen!

  2. fabian says:

    Thanks!!! Thats great for the automation in dsp!

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