HourGlass 1.2.7 released

Changes :

  • Envelope snap/grid options now in a separate popup to save screen space and reduce clutter.
  • Actions to toggle first 8 offline processors on/off for the currently selected sound source.
  • Additional MIDI/OSC remote control targets : envelope generator and sound start/end.
  • Sample start/end markers mouse handling improved.
  • Live output recording can now use a separately set folder for the output files. If the spesific folder hasn’t been set, tries to use the following folders (in order) : offline rendering folder, Desktop folder, “My documents” folder, folder where the HourGlass binary is located.
  • Selected sound source can directly be rendered to disk without going through the fragmenting process and mixer. (File->Render selected sound source) This is useful if the offline processing chain has already made the source sound interesting enough.
  • “Fragment visualizer” panel removed. Might be resurrected in improved form in the future.
  • BitMapper DSP module has new parameters that shift the bit rows and columns
  • etc

Download :

Windows : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.7.zip

OS-X (OS-X 10.6/10.7, 64 bit Intel) : http://vesanorilo.com/xenakios/HourGlass_1.2.7beta.dmg

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One Response to HourGlass 1.2.7 released

  1. IXix says:

    The bitmapper is EVIL!

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