OS-X spesific bugs

I’ve found the following OS-X spesific bugs after doing some testing of HourGlass :

  • Small monitor size is even more problematic on OS-X than on Windows. There are all kinds of problems in the GUI layout. The larger default font size (than on Windows) on OS-X might be one major factor in this. Fixing this might be tricky but hopefully will be possible in some way at some point.
  • FLAC audio file format doesn’t work. (Even though the open file dialogs suggest it should.) This probably is fixable if I recompile libsndfile. (It’s very likely ogg vorbis files don’t work either, but I didn’t separately test those yet.)
  • There have been reports VST plugins don’t work (anymore) by choosing the system default location for VST plugins for scanning. I couldn’t reproduce this myself, but it may be I already did a fix for the full plugin rescan that resolves this. While testing I did however find out that CamelAudio’s CamelCrusher plugin now crashes when removed from the HourGlass mixer.
  • Bonus issue : If operating system is in another language than English, audio devices with umlauts in the name (like Ääniulostulo) are not displayed correctly in the preferences audio page. Actually this probably isn’t about umlauts at all but a more generic Unicode or related issue.
  • Not a bug but a feature by Apple : HourGlass hasn’t been ensured or tested to work with OS-X 10.8 Mountain Lion. If it doesn’t start due to GateKeeper, you will have to use whatever known methods exist (if available) to bypass the “protection”. I have no plans to digitally sign HourGlass, as HourGlass isn’t a for-profit product and also no donations have arrived for the past couple of months, so I have no way to justify such an additional expense.

No doubt there are other problems, but these are the major ones I’ve found so far. I will try to fix these eventually but especially the GUI layout problems might take quite a while because it probably requires redesigning much of the GUI.

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