HourGlass 1.2.6 released

I’ve been feeling a bit slow lately with the development, so this build doesn’t have much new. I am looking into releasing 1.2.7 or 1.3.0 soonish though but I thought it’d be good to release this as it hopefully now resolves the spurious locking of the envelope points moving. I have done more work already but some of that stuff requires a bit more development, so I did a little time travel trick with git and produced this release.


  • Hopefully fixes the moving of the envelope points becoming locked unpredictably
  • Sound sources and Sound viewer accept dropping of audio files when they are set as floating windows

Windows :


OS-X 10.6/10.7 Intel 64 bit (will remain somewhat beta as long as I don’t know more about how it works for users) :


Thanks again to Mr. Vesa Norilo for providing download hosting space.

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