HourGlass 1.2.5 released

Not a super big release feature-wise, so we will still be in 1.2.x version numbers…

There appears to be a problem which prevents the envelope points from being moved in certain situations. Trying to fix this turned out to be trickier than anticipated. It can be resolved by changing the envelope point snap options on/off and/or by adding new envelope points. Even though this is an annoying problem that seems to have appeared out of nowhere, I decided to release now because the crashing bug that this build should fix is much more annoying. (And I think the envelope point moving problem also existed in the previous build…) If and when this problem appears seems to be a bit random, so you might not even experience it, but I mention it here anyway.


  • New envelope Texture position that can globally alter the playback time trajectory of all envelopes simultaneously. (It’s like the Source position envelope for the sample playback position, but instead for all the envelopes)
  • Envelope generator and envelope presets popup windows can be moved by dragging an empty area/text label and they appear at that position the next time they are launched
  • More of the HourGlass window area accepts dropping sound files to be imported (The Sound sources and Sound viewer to be more precise. Unfortunately these still don’t work for dropping sound files if they are floating detached from the main window area.)
  • 3 panning spread modes are now supported instead of the previous 2. Choosable from the Panning centre and Panning spread [A] menus or via a cycling action.
  • Hopefully fixed bug that would crash HourGlass once it had been hidden for sometime due to changing to another application
  • Save/load of remote control assignments should now work for the case when one mixer channel has several instances of some DSP module/plugin and the same parameter assigned to a remote control.


Windows :


OS-X (10.6/10.7 Intel 64 bit, Beta’ish due to limited testing of my own and limited user reports on how it has worked…) :


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2 Responses to HourGlass 1.2.5 released

  1. No.6 says:

    Tippy top, this one! Thanks man.

  2. IXix says:


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