HourGlass 1.2.3 released

Changes :

  • Improved envelope points copy and paste system. Envelope editor time ruler area now shows an indicator when left-clicked where the paste paste is going to happen
  • Envelope points duplicate action improved, but still not working very well
  • Envelope generator has a new parameter, Value shaping, that can make the generated points cluster towards the top/bottom (Power mode) or top & bottom/center (Sigmoid mode)
  • Envelope generator now remembers the last used settings for each envelope (if an envelope hasn’t yet been touched with the generator, the last used generator settings from another envelope or the default settings are used)
  • Quantize node values feature now supports varying amount of quantization towards the grid lines, which can be set interactively while seeing and hearing the results
  • Option in the sound sources menu to create sound sources snapshots automatically when new sounds are added (each snapshot containing one of the sounds at full probability)

Download (Windows) :


Download (Intel 64 bit OS-X 10.6/10.7, beta’ish due to limited testing)


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