Envelopes Copy/Paste and time selection improvements

The envelopes copy paste functionality has sucked so far, and no wonder, the code wasn’t even correct. I worked on that and additionally made some changes to the envelopes time ruler behavior. If the ruler is clicked with the mouse but not dragged immediately afterwards, the click sets the time selection into a mode where it acts as a sort of edit cursor and an indicator is drawn in the ruler that the cursor is at that point in time. This allows much more easily to set the time point where a paste will be made. Also this probably might have other uses for envelope editing if I think about it a bit more. Additionally the time selection/edit cursor is quantized more flexibly when the envelope snap to time grid is on. There is now some unquantized space between the grid lines. I will probably also change the envelope points editing to use this new time quantization code. (click image for animation)






And, as a bonus, changed the envelope point values quantization too, to be similar to the envelope resampling (click image for animation) :

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